March 4, 2013


Why does it feel like I haven't posted in a while but not that long ago? Nearly 2 months??

It's not that I don't have anything to say...I just haven't found the time and when I do, it doesn't seem as important or funny or interesting.

I'm in the middle of a juice fast. So there's that.

I made it to day 18, broke my fast for breakfast, then got back to it.
I was upset and yes, I ate my feelings.
I do want to talk more about the juicing thing...maybe when some time has passed and I'm a bit separated from it. I'm so up and down, every day is different and you would have me committed for extreme mood swings.

Um...Soccer is back. Spring is the short season, we'll be done by March 30th. I actually enjoy soccer season. I like practices. I can spend that time in the car, alone. Catching up on editing or reading. Alone. Or it's a good hour for Shane to run around. We have an awesome coach (who is Brandon's best friends dad) and he and his wife are amazing. They always include Shane in practice. He runs laps and does drills with the team. They still find Shane charming and cute, I'm not about to tell them otherwise. ;) I like games when I can catch up with moms on other teams that used to be on our team. I'm that mom who cheers for goals, but has no idea what the score is because I'm talking.
So yes, soccer is good.

I'm getting caught up on sharing sessions on facebook (here) and maybe one day I'll even share them on the ol' freebie blog I'm too cheap to pay for. Rumor has it that I put a deadline on my husband for a website by March 15th. Didja know...I don't even have business cards? Yeah, that's kinda self-sabotage there. In a way, it's kinda cool I was able to do the business I did last year (35 sessions plus 5 weddings I second shot) without any marketing or giveaways or specials. (Confession: I don't like running specials or "mini-sessions" or that whole "like-for-like" "like parties" or "like ladders" on Facebook. Perhaps it's silly and I should get over it, but honestly, I don't care about "Likes" or whoring out my business. I want everything to feel as authentic and personable as possible. I don't want some person liking my page from say, Newark who is a mason jar collector and makes sparkly flower holders just so I'll like their page back so both of us can say "I have 700 fans!" No. that person is not a "Fan." That person is just trying to get their numbers up. If you really want to know how authentic your "fans" are, look at the number of fans vs the number of people talking about this. End Rant...for now)

So...yeah. Wrapping this up...

I love this. Our area just got this in the middle of January and we've participated since. When I pick up our boxes, the back of my SUV is full. Which is awesome.

I'm making this. I plan to hang it in the kids living room. If this is successful, should I post a tutorial?

I'm My Dad is making this. I asked for a modification, an additional 3ft piece so I have the option of 5ft or 3ft width.

Oh, I built bunk beds alone with my mom. So much more room for activities.

And I got lockers. I dunno what I'm going to do with them. Leave them silver or paint them.

I don't know why I have struggled so much to get a schedule down. Kids to school, Breakfast, Cleaning, Blog posting, Lunch, Editing, Pick-up kids, Snack, Homework, Soccer, Dinner, Kids bed, Editing.
Seems simple but something happens between cleaning and blog posting and it all goes nuts.

I think that about covers it. :)