October 30, 2012

It's very late

Oh man...I'm waiting for photos to export from LightRoom so I thought to myself "why not peek in and dust off the ol blog?"

It's 11:45 pm.
I've been up since 4:45 am.
Today Shane accidentally kicked a teammate in the face at soccer practice.
He kicked when the other kid bent over.
Foot meet face.
There was blood.
There was a trip to the ER.
Shane feels awful, I feel awful.
I am totally prepared for when its my kid that gets hurt; not prepared for when it's my kid that does the hurting.
I feel responsible and guilty.
I'll probably cry about it later because I feel so awful.
I'm currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not the blue guys. Seriously one of my favorite cartoon series ever.)
Ever since I made this whole declaration of "Oh, I'm taking my hobby back and no more photography business", business has gotten...busy.
Now that I've decided to forge ahead, there's things like business cards and websites and marketing and equipment to think about.
If I think about it too much, I get overwhelmed and just want to lie down.
Champagne taste, water with lemon budget.
I have a hard time spending what little money is left at the end of the month (after setting $$ aside for taxes, helping out with bills, kids stuff) on those types of things.
Branding vs New House Fund. (yes, we're still on the hunt for a new house. The reality of this happening is getting more real. squeeee!)
My husband worked 4 night shifts last week.
He went "hunting" over the weekend.
He's now working 4-12 hour day shifts this week.
And the landlord decided she wants to finally do a walk-through on the house (2 years later).
As if I don't have enough on my plate.
Now I gotta dust and clean baseboards.
It's 11:59 now.
This episode of Avatar is over.
Because every post is better with a picture, I'll leave you with this.

A photo of the cutest kid that ever ate a graham cracker ever.
The football team reads to the second grade classes on Friday's and I went to photograph them (the son of one of the teachers comes and she asked if I would come to the class to take photos. I love all my teachers, so of course I couldn't say no. Plus Shane got all the graham crackers he could eat)