August 14, 2012


Outside my window  I'm waiting to see if those grey clouds will pass over or if it will finally rain
I am thankful  to have an amazing, supportive husband and kids
In the kitchen  crock pot baked potatoes. Do it. Do it.
I am wearing  grey tank top and yoga pants
I am creating  photos. images.
I am going  back and forth to the fridge (cherries!)
I am reading  New Moon (please don't judge)
I am hearing the how i met your mother jingle (re-watching it on Netflix. keeps me company while editing)
Around the house  is a miscellany of toys and stuffs.
One of my favorite things  editing on my new computer, hot coffee and hanging with the husband on the couch
A few plans  edit, edit, laundry, edit. maybe a shower? :::sniff::: nope i can wait until tomorrow.
Here is a picture of the kids first day of school.

First day of school

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