August 7, 2012

Oh, hey there, I didn't see you

So I haven't blogged since, like, January. Whoa.

Kids have moved on to fourth and third grades.

June was all about golfing for Caedon, art classes for Brandon, a papermaking class (how cool is that?) for Caedon and trips to Grandmas.

And second-shooting three (3!!) weddings in Santa Fe (Santa Fe!!). Which equated to a lot of travel.

And at the end of it computer crashed.

July was all about soccer camps, more trips to Grandmas and replacing said crashed computer (and upgrading cameras (!) and stuff) and senior shoots.

So yeah. There you go. Our summer in 4 sentences.

 Now we're getting ready for school in 6 days, I'm finishing up more senior sessions, gearing up for new senior sessions.

Now I will leave you with my favorite joke.

I'll still be laughing at that when I'm 80.

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