December 28, 2011


Hope everyone had an excellent Holiday!

We did. :)
I got everything I something I didn't even know I wanted but once I got it in my hot little hand there was no way I was going to give it back. Ever.
Part of the cool kids now.

The UPS elves were very good to us. I pretty much did all of my shopping online in my pajamas  (as opposed to those at Walmart in their pajamas, ahem) and went out two days before Christmas for one last grab for stocking stuffers (books, socks, underwears, toothbrushes, hot wheels and legos).

Then we didn't go out for 3 days. It snowed and snowed and snowed. So we just hung around the house.

Monday I drove the kids half-way to Grandma's house so they can sleepover...for a week!

My nieces were with my parents, so almost all the Grandkids were finally all together in one place. That doesn't happen very often. We were missing one. 

Brat Pack

Of course now that the kids are gone I feel under the weather; sniffly, achy, stuffy head, sore throat, itchy ears.

So Harry Potter marathon it is. :)
With spicy cajun popcorn.
And coffee.

Lots of coffee.

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