December 6, 2011


I don't know what it was about today, but I felt like keeping the camera on-hand.
It snowed last night and stopped sometime around 3am (I only know this because we were still up watching Breaking Bad.)
By 2am the road outside the house had started to ice up.
We only had a 2 hour delay for school.
So it was pumpkin waffles for everyone!

I'm not a perfect vegan. I found a pumpkin waffle I like and I haven't bothered looking for a vegan one. I know it's just one Google search away...

Earth Balance keeps my vegan karma in check.

Breakfast is served.

Then I had to convince the boys they had to go to school. One was not happy, the other one was ecstatic. Then I tried to convince them to both stay home. The unhappy one was now happy an the ecstatic one was less enthused.

One went to school. One stayed home.

I spent the morning going through the kids books. Our school has an Accelerated Reader (AR) program that they use to keep track of the kids reading levels. I have issues with it. I try not to make my issues my kids issues.

According to AR, Caedon reads right at a 3rd grade, 3rd month level (right where he should be) HOWEVER I know my kid can read much higher than that seeing as he's read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and those are rated at a 5th grade level. (Caedon, Brandon and I read The Lightening Thief when they were in the 1st and 2nd grades...and that's a 4th grade level book).

I think that if kids are truly interested in a book, they will find a way to read it NO matter what "level" it is. I can tell Caedon is frustrated with his choices. All I can do is encourage him to do what he has to do to get it done so he can move up to the books he wants to read. Luckily, they can test on books from home or the library as long as the book is in the AR system.

This is only a fraction of the books they have. A small fraction. I just found 3 boxes in storage with more books.

I LOVE BOOKS! I have a dream to either work at the library or own a small independent bookstore. How cool would that be?

I just read The Chronicles of Narnia over the summer. I never read them in high school or junior high. I assumed they were a little too fantasy for my taste at the time. Plus I didn't want to be that book-nerd girl who read Narnia in high school. I might as well have just worn head-gear to school while I was at it. (BTW I never had head gear. I'm totally projecting a false image at this point. I've watched Never Been Kissed too many times. Josie Grossie)

My kids have such a varied taste in books. Brandon loves the Magic Tree House series. He gobbles them up faster than I can buy them. I've been known to buy 4 and he'll have them all done in a weekend. They are really cool books and they are fact-based and some have companion reference books. It's a great series for kids.

I encouraged Caedon to read one and it was like pulling teeth. I overheard Brandon telling Caedon what it was about and the questions that would be on the AR quiz. Sigh.

I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell in the 5th grade. I felt mighty proud of myself when it was required reading in the 7th grade and I had already read it...twice. I didn't have a copy so when we went to Albuquerque over the summer, I found a copy at a used bookstore.

Since I only had one kid at school, we went to the library after I picked him up. I try to make it to the library at least once a month. To be honest, I'm not fond of borrowing books from the library. I don't like to give them back. ;)

They didn't have the book I was looking for (I read the second book in the series, so there's a few things that happened and I know that they did happen but I don't know why they happened). I grabbed these 3. I've checked the bottom one out about 4 times. It's awesome. I need to buy a copy off amazon. It's on the list of books I've read but want a copy for my shelf. That list is loooooong.

We spent about an hour at the library. Caedon and I were the only ones at the shelves. Almost every time I've been at the library, the aisles are empty and the computers are full (and about half of them are on facebook.) One of the girls is suuuuper sweet. The library was hiring back in September and I thought I had until the last day of September to apply. Turned out the job opening closed a week before. I heard about the job at 4pm on the closing day. I was actually pretty down about it. Anywho, she and I got to chatting and I told her I was sad that I missed the deadline and she told me "Oh I wish you would have gotten your application in! I would have pushed hard for you to get hired." How sweet is that?

I came home, we had 4 episodes left of Breaking Bad, so I made some soup and sat down on the couch and haven't moved since. Now that we've caught up on the series we can go back to being good, productive members of society. Or hardened criminals; I think it's safe to say we've learned a thing or two about the trade in our late-night viewing.

Aren't leeks beautiful? That green is just gorgeous. Not as beautiful as a beet, but still pretty darn nice to look at.

That's all I have for now.
I thought ahead and loaded photos for Stuffed Peppers, Butternut Squash Soup, Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup and a story of two lazy dogs. (Seriously lazy dogs. I think Dug has taught George how to milk being special needs. Seriously.) 
All I have to do is get them written up.
And I have time to do that now since we're not loafing on the couch watching a fictional character make meth.

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