December 29, 2011


I just want to start off by saying that we had a wonderful Christmas. Now get out. I'm ready to de-Christmas my house. Out out out!

 I spent all day wearing an ass-sized crater into the couch.
 Over the last two days I've watched all 8 Harry Potter movies. Neville, wow. Who woulda thunk? Whoa.
 Borrowed book from the library. I'm about 6 chapters in and it's very good.
 My couch buddy. They're the *new* Kleenex cool touch ones. I prefer the Puffs with Vicks. #firstworldproblems
 Lunch of veggie spring rolls. It's been so long since I've had food from the frozen section. They hit the spot, I didn't have to think hard to make myself lunch. Win.
 Then I ate my feelings. I'm sick and I needed some comfort. I'm alone this week, so no one is here to take care of me. I totally used the breadstick thingies to scoop out the nutella.
 Hello luvvvr. So many horizontal places to take a nap.
 Have you tried this tea? I like a lot of different teas, but this and chai are what I always keep around. I had probably 3 cups today.
 Right now we're watching this documentary.

Dive!: Living Off America's Waste

"Digging into the hidden recesses of the American food industry, this eye-opening documentary reveals the appalling amount of edible, nutritious goods that are thrown away -- wasted -- every day in a nation where millions of citizens still go hungry." via Netflix
If you can get passed the first few minutes (please don't sit down with a sandwich to watch) it's actually a pretty good documentary.

I tried to watch The Vampire Diaries, honest I tried. 
Skip The Romantics too. Unless you feel like watching an hour long J. Crew commercial.

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