December 11, 2011

Friday...on Sunday

It has been one of those weeks.

Monday and Tuesday were so cold, I holed up in the kitchen near the oven to keep warm.
Monday night I went to pick up a pizza for the kids and my car door was frozen shut.
I hopped in the car after coaxing it open and let the car warm up for a while.
Then half-way to Little Caesar's (they have drive-thru pizza for $6. Don't judge me) I realized my window was frozen shut and I'd have to go in.
Who have I become? Driving out in the snow for cheap, drive-thru pizza?

Tuesday I hung out in front of the computer with some books.

Wednesday we finally ventured out of our bubble, armed with a Sam's gift card my mom sent to us for a wedding gift. We agreed that the money wasn't going to be used for food or anything like that. We were gonna pick something just for us. After 2 hours, we picked up...ready for it...I don't think you can handle it...SLIPPERS. Yup. The only thing we found that was truly for ourselves were slippers. It's slightly pathetic, but it was also nice to think that anything we needed, we already have. Anything we wanted, we already have.

So we did the responsible thing, grabbed a movie (Hangover 2 "I'm a stay-at-home son" funniest line of the movie) some dog food, pomegranates, avocados and a few various other things and still had $50 on the card. So we got...ready for it...I don't think you can handle it...a BLENDER.

We still have something like $15 and we agreed to spend it all. COFFEE.
So we blended up some soup, ate some pomegranate for dessert, made coffee and watched our new movie while wearing our new slippers.
We're dorks.

 When we got home and checked the mail, this is what we found:

I bought a subscription for my husband and they only issue 8 magazines a year. I'm pretty sure they didn't ship it this way. I swear our mailman is like the one from Funny Farm.

I spent Thrusday in bed with Shane. We hung out and watched movies and I re-read Island of the Blue Dolphins. And I posted an awesome recipe for Stuffed Peppers. (They are really good) We had pick-your-soup night since I had leftovers. It was way better than having left-over night. Everyone settling down with a warm bowl of soup.
 Island of the Blue Dolphins

Today was spent grocery shopping, grabbing things for the kids classrooms and just an over all feeling of blah.
I didn't get my cup of coffee until 4:30. It was a looong day.
 He actually ate the carrot. It was awesome.

When I went out to feed the dogs, the moon was out. No eclipse yet, but it was nice and full.

Did you catch the eclipse Friday night? 

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