December 10, 2011


I know that today is I'm blog-bombing Caturday with some dogs. Lazy dogs. 

Dug and George are twins. They come from the same litter. We picked out Dug when he was a week old (You can read all about Dug here). When he came home at 6 weeks, I tried to smuggle George home. My husband was having no part of that. Plus we had a smaller yard then too. 
We got George in May. We call him our used-but-new-to-us dog.
He was kind of a trouble dog. He has a record with the Dona Ana Animal Control. 

They are golden retrievers, and they work hard. They spend all day...they chase...and they, uhhhh...
What do my dogs do all day?

Dug has a slight excuse. His back legs still don't work quite right. He has good days and bad days. This was actually a good day. 

George is very busy keeping the ground still. It's very hard work. Chuck Norris can't do it all alone, you know.

Dug is obviously doing... something.

George still keeping the Earth still.

Who says cats lay around more than dogs?

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