December 5, 2011


We're on day 3 of a Breaking Bad marathon. Netflix viewing up, productivity is down.

It started snowing Sunday night and hasn't really stopped. School wasn't cancelled, I'm pretty sure it will be tomorrow since we haven't had the worst of it yet.

This cinnamon roll is a lie. LIES I tell you. I actually heated it up and my husband threw it in the trash. HE. THREW. IT. IN. THE. TRASH! Then he took me out to breakfast. Going out and having someone make you breakfast on a cold snowy morning...I don't think there's anything better. After two cups of coffee, a bean and hashbrown burrito smothered in green chile and I forgave him for throwing away my cinnamon roll.

My constant companion. I probably had about 5 cups today. That is not a lie.


Roasted Cauliflower and roasted garlic soup....veganized. I saw a recipe on Pinterest and modified it. It was a big hit. I'll share later this week.

I've gone from Felicity to Breaking Bad. Talk about a change of genre.
We love Breaking Bad. They are soooo bad and do horrible things but I root for them.

I am now rambling because the laptop is warm and it is chilly chilly chilly.

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