November 23, 2011

Why Now?

When you know better, you do better.
~Maya Angelou

Why vegan? Why now?
I know better, so I'm trying to do better. I wish I could tell you it's about being good to animals and lowering my carbon footprint and all that stuff...but I'm not so noble. I'm vain. (Iiiiii'm so vain. I think that this blog is about me, I'm so vain)
A lot of kitchen have been inspired by this.

I feel better and even better than that...I look better. My hair and skin are so much better. Soft and not splochy. Soft is good; Splochy is bad.
Power Salad

When I look back and read some old posts I realize this has been a long time coming. I've had vegetarian phases...all my life. So slowly, since the beginning of this year, we've been phasing things out of our diet. With each success, it made the next challenge easier. Sugar, refined carbs, pasta (doesn't that make you always feel so bloated?) Roasted Goodness

So we've finally made the choice to just do it. Dairy was the hardest for me. I think the trick to eliminating milk is to find a substitute you like. You have to get that "it tastes just like regular milk! Honest!" out of your head. No, it doesn't. And that's okay. Rice milk is by far my favorite. I like soy creamer for my coffee.
3.17 019

My husband had a hard time eliminating eggs. I scramble tofu with a little salt, pepper and tumeric. He's happy.

So there's the short of it. We made a choice, we're sticking to it, we've stuck to it since September 1st.
Fennel and Carrots

With this week being so crazy with Thanksgiving and stuffing recipes swamping the blogs, I'll skip the soup recipes I have (yes, I made soup. Vegan soup. It's chilly out and the soup is delicious. So is the chili.) and save them for next week. So you can detox. :)
Fresh Peas Please

For now, enjoy some food p0rn. No animals were harmed in the making of this post.
Farmers Market Fruit

I love those carrots. I like dirrrrty veggies. Yay dirt!
Farmers Market Haul 7.31

Eggplant enchiladas. You know you want my green chile sauce recipe. It's vegan, has omega-3 and fiber. (PS. that is not vegan cheese.)
Eggplant Enchiladas

Sauteed squash with jalapenos and cajun spice. Yummy side dish.
Squash and Jalapeno

I've told you about this one.
Tofu Stir-Fry


This is for some upcoming soup. So delicious. I have an aversion to smooth butternut squash recipe. It reminds me of baby food.
Beginnings of Soup

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  1. All this food looks amazing (as does the photography!). It's also super intimidating to a vegetarian new start like myself. I'm not sure I could convince my hubs that scrambled tofu is as good as eggs. ;o)