November 29, 2011

White Bean Tofu Chili and Green Chile Sauce

I like chili. A lot. I like regular tomato-based chili (oooo...I think I have a few pictures of that.)
At my baby shower, my aunt made white chicken chili and it was sooo good.

Fast-forward three years later and I've modified it a great deal. I am not a recipe writer. I'm really really bad at it. Mostly because I never measure anything. I just throw stuff in. And I either start taking photos and forget to get a photo of the finished dish, or I don't take any photos and snap a photo of the leftovers.

But this is too good not to share.

White Bean Tofu Chili

half lb of white beans
vegetable broth
1 package tofu (I like the Mori-Nu in the box)
2 heaping spoons Hatch green chile, blended
1/2 tsp cumin

Normally this is where a good recipe writer/blogger would number the steps.
I really stink at that.

So here we go:

Cube tofu. I usually slice it 3 times along the long side, 4 times on the flat side, and cube it several times.

Sprinkle with cajun seasoning (as I do with all my tofu endeavors) and bake at 325 until firm and roasted brown. (I like to use the Easy Release Foil. Any other time I've tried to bake/roast tofu it's always fused to the pan)

Add white beans and vegetable broth to a large pot. I usually add only half of the vegetable broth and use water for the rest. I'm silly like that.

Add green chile and cumin and bring to a boil. Add tofu when it is ready.

Cook until beans are soft.

Green Chili Sauce (also my go-to enchilada sauce)

1 lb of roasted green chile
half a cup of soy or almond milk
2 heaping tablespoons of milled flax seeds
3 garlic cloves (We love garlic)

Put it in a blender. Blend

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