November 19, 2011


Friday was this guys birthday.

I have only ever thrown one birthday party for my kids. When Brandon turned four. They have yet to complain, so I'll stay with the status quo.

We had a full morning with an awards assembly and a Thanksgiving play. Caedon's science project won First Place! He was soooo happy. The night before he turned it in he was trembling, excited and nervous. We went for the open house on Thursday evening and his teacher said that he was getting an award. I figured maybe something like honorary mention or display (he had a sweet display, no pun intended on the sweet). At the awards assembly they called 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place was Caedon. I'm so proud of him. :)
First Place Science Project!
Then, pulling out my I-desperately-need-you-to-take-a-nap (so I can finish the wedding photos that are hanging over my head like an Acme anvil) I announced it was time for a "BIIIIIIIIRTHDAY NAP!" It totally worked.

Two hours later, I had photos finished, a rested three-year-old and a long grocery list.

Kid pick up, coffee pick-me-up, photo drop-off and birthday dinner shopping.

He picked Thanksgiving cupcakes. It made him happy. I didn't have to bake. Win-Win. Plus they didn't taste half-bad.
a "puc-cake"

***I wrote this post while backing up the finished photos...and then my computer decided it needed a much deserved break. it quit on me. So I watched Felicity all day long and didn't feel guilty about it at all. A power cord later, and i'm back in business. i have some recipes to share with you...or should I wait until after Thanksgiving when everyone else is done posting their turkey/stuffing/squash recipes?

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  1. Happy birthday to your little guy!

    Felicity has been my knitting companion all week, I love it!