November 24, 2011

Dismissing the Elephant in the Room

Since I posted last week about putting the whole photography business on hold, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Like some one took the elephant off my shoulders.

It feels really good.

My husband has been amazingly supportive. He literally took me by the hands and urged me to get back to what I used to do; blogging and taking photos of everything. He said he's missed seeing the camera in my hand. I had no idea he would ever miss the camera. ;)

We sat down Tuesday morning and put together our Thanksgiving menu from a few cookbooks. He choose everything based on color, so I can take pictures and blog about it.

We are having:
*chickpea and sunflower burgers
*garlic mashed potatoes
*green beans
*stuffed bell peppers
*artichokes (per Brandon's request)
*roasted chicken (my kids aren't strict vegetarians and I'm more than okay with that)
*sweet potato pie (I make a killer SPP. Non-vegan. I'll still share the recipe)
*cinnamon rolls (from scratch. I think I will call them hypocrite rolls since I'm making non-vegan rolls with a vegan buttercream frosting)

So I guess I'll be blogging about Thanksgiving per my husband's request.
For now, I have some prep work to do and Felicity isn't going to watch itself. (I can't bring myself to watch when my husband is home. I can't explain the cheesy-ness in a way he'll understand.)

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  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! I dig the hypocrite rolls ;o).

    Nathan pretends not to stand right behind me while watching Felicity. Then he accidently asks me questions about a character. He thinks Noel is dumb.