October 6, 2011

Please Pray

this is about a dog named Dug.
a dog who is very, very sick at the animal hospital right now.


{the day I picked him out}

late last week I noticed Dug's right front leg was a little funny. he was walking on it weird and was sort of protecting it. we thought he must have hurt it running around with George. no biggie, we let him rest and figured it would heal up. there weren't any wounds or blood and he didn't wince when i poked and prodded at it.

sunday I noticed Dug was walking very wobbly on his hind legs. almost like he had no control of them. the right one was going waaaay right and the left one was going waaaay left.

yesterday morning, while I did my circle of the yard, grabbing trash from the neighbors good time from the night before, i noticed blood in Dug's hiney fur. Blood.

my husband came home early and for some strange but perfect timing, my parents came into town. I haven't talked to my mom in over three months and they surprised us after school. I know this sounds silly since I haven't been in touch with them, but having them come into town last night was a relief. we left the kids with them (that's the relief part) and zoomed to the animal hospital.

Upside down dog sleeps...upside down

we had figured one of us would go with Dug (me, since I knew more about what was going on) and the other would stay with the kids. (remember what happened last time I had to take all three kids and Dug to the vet? Oy to the vey) taking Dug to the vet this time wasn't something I wanted to have to face alone.

Dug-9 weeks

All of his blood work came back normal; no parasites, heart worms, poison (which was a concern considering how our neighbors treat our dogs), or cancer.

after talking to the vet yesterday and describing all of Dug's symptoms and observing him, she said confidently "I'm almost positively certain it's neurological. he is still young enough that there's a small possibility it might be a bone disease, but not likely." I asked if it was hip dysplasia, which is very common in golden retrievers and she said no, because it's not just in his back legs, it's the front too. she said "he's very sick and he's in trouble." oh pull my heart out and put it on the table now. sigh.

so now we wait. wait for x-rays and ct scans. wait for answers. wait for the bill (!!!!. I don't want to be like that, but how much is this going to cost us? it's not something that we've arranged for. it's a legitimate concern) 
wait for phone calls.

I will get the snow

I don't want to sound like one of those kooky dog-owners, but Dug knows things. like knows. he has this intuition and i completely trust his judgement.

normally Dug goes about his day, starting off by circling the perimeter of the yard, followed by a stillness minute in the middle of the yard where he just takes in the morning.

see i'm a kooky dog-owner.
my dog takes zen time-outs in the morning to appreciate the rising sun.
(did I mention he's a vegetarian and his coat has never looked healthier?)
my zen, vegetarian dog watches over the birds, never chases them.
he looks after George, who is more brute than brain.
he chastises the neighbors for smoking and bothering our little bubble of home.
he likes the mailman/UPS guy/FedEx guy (they deliver treats!)
he makes an excellent foot warmer.

Dug aka Sir Dug-las

please pray for my dog. i know its "just a dog" but to me he's more than that. he's MY dog, who I picked out of a litter of 7, who I put a big "D" with brown permanent marker inside his ears to claim him. who I have spent hours foot-cuddling with while Shane naps.

winter is coming and I need my buddy back.

(I'm posting most updates on Dug on Facebook.)


  1. Trysha, you have my compassion and prayers. This post has me all teary eyed and heartbroken for the worry you're going through. I've gone through enormous medical scares with both my cat and dog in the past couple of years (and prayed very very hard), and thankfully both are still with me and now healthy, but I know what you're going through right now.

  2. Sorry, Trysha! I haven't visited in a while! I am so sorry aboutyour dog. Please post an update when you can.

  3. Oh my gosh he is the most beautiful golden I've ever seen. You both will be in my thoughts! I hope he is well.