September 14, 2011

Wednesday Words

You can go your own way

~Fleetwood Mac


  1. Go your own waaaaaayyy...

    Stuck in my head now. Better than I'm a Barbie Girl, which, inexplicably, is on frequent replay in there. I'm totally not a Barbie Girl. Nor am I in a Barbie World.

    Hahaha, it's definitely in your head now.

  2. GREAT. Now I'm thinking of "Forrest Gump." :) Every time I hear that song, I always think of that movie. In fact, I do the same thing when I hear "Fortunate Son."

    You have a lovely family and a beautiful dog. I wish I wasn't allergic. :( I enjoyed reading your posts, and I had to laugh at your commentary about the ghost sheet. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, which I found through "Oh Mishka."