August 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Remember that was like, a month ago?
I didn't know, but Fourth of July is a BIG deal around here. All day long people hang out at The Beach (the Pecos River) and barbecue and swim. In the evening there's a pretty good fireworks show.  We loaded the kids (and snacks...lots of snacks) up in the back of my suv and made ranch on CHill. We actually dropped my car off in the afternoon before the place got packed. Good thing because by the time we went back all the spots were taken.
Sugar loading before fireworks

I took my tripod to try and get some good photos of the fireworks...tripods and kids don't mix too well. Especially when you are trying to keep them from leaning too far over the railing.
7.4 069

Carlsbad Flumes viewed from CHill.
Carlsbad, NM

So there you go...I squeezed in a Fourth of July update just in time for school to start. :)

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