August 31, 2011

First Day of School...three weeks later

I'm super behind. That's not exactly ground-breaking news. I'm always behind.
In Back-To-School tradition, I offer the annual walking the hallways photo:

First day of school

Caedon on his way to 3rd grade, Brandon on his way to 2nd (he was actually put in an accelerated-type class of 2nd/3rd graders, but just this week, due to budget cuts, that class was eliminated). Shane finally made his school-photo debut.

Every year I try to get this photo. Here, here and here. This year was pulling teeth.
"Please just walk together."
"Slow down."
"Speed up."
"Not so fast."
"You're blocking Shane."
"Keep up."
"How hard can it be to walk in a straight line all together, for the love of Holy Baby Jesus in a tuxedo shirt!"

I got the photo, plus a couple of back-ups. First Day of School

A little secret...the Back-To-School photo I show you each year, it's never on the actual first day of school. The hallways are always too crowded, kids go in different directions. I always take it the day before when we meet the teacher. I'm a cheater. I don't think this is the one thing I do that will make my kids need therapy. My Katy Perry impression...that's another story.

First Day of School
{Actual first day}

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