August 31, 2011

First Day of School...three weeks later

I'm super behind. That's not exactly ground-breaking news. I'm always behind.
In Back-To-School tradition, I offer the annual walking the hallways photo:

First day of school

Caedon on his way to 3rd grade, Brandon on his way to 2nd (he was actually put in an accelerated-type class of 2nd/3rd graders, but just this week, due to budget cuts, that class was eliminated). Shane finally made his school-photo debut.

Every year I try to get this photo. Here, here and here. This year was pulling teeth.
"Please just walk together."
"Slow down."
"Speed up."
"Not so fast."
"You're blocking Shane."
"Keep up."
"How hard can it be to walk in a straight line all together, for the love of Holy Baby Jesus in a tuxedo shirt!"

I got the photo, plus a couple of back-ups. First Day of School

A little secret...the Back-To-School photo I show you each year, it's never on the actual first day of school. The hallways are always too crowded, kids go in different directions. I always take it the day before when we meet the teacher. I'm a cheater. I don't think this is the one thing I do that will make my kids need therapy. My Katy Perry impression...that's another story.

First Day of School
{Actual first day}

August 23, 2011


I am so excited I want to shout it from someplace very high.
 ~Tony Shalub as Luigi from Cars

I FOUND A LOCAL CSA!!!! Words cannot describe how happy this makes us. We've been keeping tabs on the farmers market here (which is finally getting some additional farmers. The first week there was only one guy with about 5 cantaloupes. Sad face, Trysha.) but we've really wanted in on a CSA.

We won't start getting our share until next year but I'm so excited.

(So, I'm super motivated and now with the boys back in school...oh I didn't share their back to school pic yet...I'm ready to get on a blogging kick. And I have a few sessions that need to be shared those are coming up in the next day or so.)

August 5, 2011


"When we love something, emotion often drives our actions.

This is the gift and the challenge entrepreneurs face every day. The companies we dream of and build from scratch are part of us and intensely personal. They are our families. Our lives.

But the entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone. Yes, the highs are high and the rewards can be thrilling. But the lows can break your heart. Entrepreneurs must love what they do to such a degree that doing it is worth sacrifice and, at times, pain. But doing anything else, we think, would be unimaginable"

~Howard Schultz (Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul)

I've been feeling like a small fish in a big pond lately. The highs are high but the lows are crushingly low. Kinda goes with the last quote I posted...I know what I want but I just don't know how to get there but I know I don't want to do anything else.

August 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Remember that was like, a month ago?
I didn't know, but Fourth of July is a BIG deal around here. All day long people hang out at The Beach (the Pecos River) and barbecue and swim. In the evening there's a pretty good fireworks show.  We loaded the kids (and snacks...lots of snacks) up in the back of my suv and made ranch on CHill. We actually dropped my car off in the afternoon before the place got packed. Good thing because by the time we went back all the spots were taken.
Sugar loading before fireworks

I took my tripod to try and get some good photos of the fireworks...tripods and kids don't mix too well. Especially when you are trying to keep them from leaning too far over the railing.
7.4 069

Carlsbad Flumes viewed from CHill.
Carlsbad, NM

So there you go...I squeezed in a Fourth of July update just in time for school to start. :)

August 3, 2011

Farewell to Borders

So many Borders Bookstores have already closed their doors. A couple of months ago, Ryan at This is Reverb posted that his borders in Cincinnati shut their doors. Several California bloggers/tweeters posted last minute runs to grab great deals.

Last week in Albuquerque, two of the Borders we went to announced their closure. It was still the first days, so the deals weren't fantastic {sorry, I don't consider 10% and 20% off a steal when your books are already overpriced} but it was sad. I love books and it excites me to see my husband finally grabbing new books. He had spent two years reading and re-reading paramedic books and medical journals that he was put off of reading for a while.

As always, I can find about 10 books to walk out of a store with. I came across this gorgeous cookbook. I don't can or jam or preserve but the photography is absolutely stunning. {the photography is by Sara Remington}
I don't jam

I love running across books written by bloggers that I follow. I read Hungry Monkey in Spring. I laughed, I laughed and then I went out to eat {what? The book made me hungry.} I've had the pleasure of talking to Matthew {and Molly Wizenberg} on the phone for a segment for their Spilled Milk podcast that didn't make the cut {which is beyond fine with me because the stories that did make the cut, hilarious! I'll tell you about it one day}. 
Hungry Monkey

And then this books caught my attention. Astro-turf book. It wouldn't make the cut for the shelf at home but people, ITS COVERED IN ASTRO-TURF.

I recently bought an e-reader {not a Nook, not a Kindle but a Pandigital that doubles as a tablet/ipad thing. I love it.} My husband has used it more than I have, but this past weekend I finally downloaded The Hunger Games and read that. When I finished it at 11:30pm, my local bookstore was closed and it was so convenient to download Catching Fire and start that one and Mockingjay following that. All without leaving my couch.

I'm sad to see stores closing their doors. Of course there is value in books. Always. More and more I find myself thinking "Is this a book I want on my shelf? Is it worth buying or getting from the library? Can I find it cheaper on Amazon? Is the e-book cheaper?"

I guess that kinda makes me part of the reason why they are closing. Well not just me, but me along with all those other people that are thinking along those same lines. At what point did Borders stop creating a value/quality of their stores? Why Borders and not Barnes and Noble?

Oooo...remember Waldenbooks? Oh I loved Waldenbooks. We had one in our mall and I used to wait for the newest Sweet Valley High book to come out and my Grandma would take me to get it. I bought the original release of The Vampire Diaries there. Good times.

Sorry, tangent. But that's the whole point right? Even though these are chain stores they still hold great memories. {You did read Ryan's post I linked to, right?} It's not just the books, the mediocre coffee bar and less-than-stellar "sales" prices. It's the whole process of walking in and looking at books. You can't do that on Amazon.

August 2, 2011

Hello August

  • I am so ready for summer to be over! Actually I'm ready for the heat to pass. It's been so unbearably hot, 102, 103, 108. Yuck!
  • I'm looking forward to school supply shopping this weekend. I love new school crayons.
  • I am not looking forward to getting up early next week. School starts next Thursday!
  • I'm ready for baking. I haven't used my oven since May. No cookies, cakes, donut muffins, brisket. Nada.
  • It's driving me crazy that Goodreads didn't put my last three books in series order. I read The Hunger Games series ( in the correct order) and finished the last two books on the same day, but the order is reversed on my list. Of all the things that I could be bothered with, I stick to this one? Oh frivolous priorities.
  • Oh and a photo of our used-new-to-us dog, George.

He always has a silly smirk on his face. Silly dog.