July 26, 2011

Yay and Nay

We came home from a 10-day vacation last night, exhausted from the drive home, my car smells like dogs (and kids) and the house was hot. I know, boo-hoo right? This morning, while doing our post-vacation routine of laundry and showering, the plumbing decided to go on vacation. Luckily no one was in the shower when everything (yes, everything) backed up. Two hours after the plumber showed up (and moved the toilet to the hallway) he discovered that the side fence post was installed right through the main pipe. Oh the joys of this house just don't stop.

I say yay to:
  • fresh bread
  • food made by someone else
  • my new e-reader
  • downloading samples before I spend money on books (you have no idea how much money this has saved us.)
  • homemade ice cream
7.4 076

I say nay to:
  • glitter. just thinking about it gives me the heebeejeebees. it just gets all over every thing.
  • celery. just no...er, nay.
  • stale crackers/bread/cereal. am i the only one in this house who knows how to close a bag/box?
  • hotel reservation takers who take your reservation wrong. when i say i want to check in sunday, i mean sunday.
  • no rain. it hasn't rained since medicdad started his job here (in august, we moved in november) it smells like rain but no rain.

July 12, 2011


Life is rarely so neatly defined. Goals are often ambiguous and elusive. Seldom do people know exactly what is required of them to succeed. Often we think we're moving in the right direction only to learn that the rules have changed.

~Dean Karnazes, UltraMarathon Man

I've been struggling with the rules lately. Knowing what you want and knowing how to get it are two entirely different things.

July 7, 2011

I Miss You

I miss this space soooo much.

I've been up to my ears editing photos.

Even the photo-blog is suffering because there is just not enough hours in the day.
Or two of me.
Or enough coffee.

I'm working on wrapping up an engagement session and this weekend I'm meeting with a very old friend (old as in we've known each other since we were 3). Her grandparents lived down the street from my Grandma.

We (The Hubs and I) are going on vacation. Yes. Vacation. Alone.
For. A. Week.
I will stay in a hotel for a week and not worry about making the bed, breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner For. A. Week.

We got a new dog. New to us. I guess that would make him a used dog.

I took 4 pictures of the kids in May. Four.

I took 7 in June. Seven.

I swear to be better in July.

Oh snap. It is July.