May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding

I really want to start this post with OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! But this is me showing restraint.

But OMG how much did you LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Kate's wedding dress? And her sister, Pippa and the hats? Can we talk about the hats?? And of course, William and Harry and the Queen? In her perfect yellow looking all Queen-y. I was completely enthralled.

All weekend. Thank goodness for BBC re-runs. 

Where do we start? The dress...Yes to that Dress!!

Normally I am non-sleeves. But Kate's dress was absolutely gorgeous, the lace was done right and she looked amazing. I admit when I hear "Lace Sleeves" I think of words like "matronly" and "you look like a doily." And she did her own make-up! 

Queen Elizabeth seemed to truly enjoy the day. Everyone did, but I felt very British deferring to her emotions and being very aware of her. Did you see when everyone sang "God Save The Queen" or when Kate curtsied to her at the end of the ceremony? She just seemed pleased. I kinda want to give her a good 'ol Grandma hug. But I think that is frowned upon.

Um...Who Dressed You? Lady Gaga called...That's all. Moving on.....

This was one of my favorite moments. After the kiss on the balcony when they were headed back inside and Kate turned back to the crowd for one last look. Perfection!! I just loved all the body language that was going on between these two. The glances back and forth during the ceremony. William rubbing Kate's hand with his thumb to reassure her. The way he leaned in to kiss her (very unlike the way Charles did with Diana).
Oh I hope they live happily ever after for ever and ever.

OMG, right? RIGHT??

I believe Kate will surpass Diana as a style icon. What do you think? I'm not gonna ask if you watched but how many times did you watch?

*all photos from The British Monarchy flickr stream. Formal portraits are posted and are amazing.

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  1. I heart her....she is one of the most beautiful ladies ever!! Yep - a total style icon. I watched it 2 times. I know - not a die hard. But I did cry...does that count?;) I loved that they kept glancing at eachother! Wasn't it sweet? And her dress....stunning. It couldn't have been more perfect!