April 14, 2011

Stuff in my Fridge

Ground breaking blog content right here. Hold on to your pants.

All joking aside, I like looking at other peoples refrigerators. I suffer from Trader Joe envy, so when you post that you got specialty hummus that is only available at Trader Joe's, it's like you stab me a little in the heart. Plus they have this amazing dried mango with  red chile powder. ZOMG it is so good!

A couple of weeks ago I went spending shopping with my mom. She came to visit and we drove to Roswell so I could fondle items at Target and Sam's Club. I don't really know how long the trip from Carlsbad to Roswell is, so I describe it as being at long as A Bug's Life. If the movie starts at the end of our street, it ends right at the Walgreens on the main street of Roswell.

These were last weeks favorite finds:

Pepper Grinder
There really is no excuse to not have freshly ground black pepper {unless you don't like it, I mean. I don't judge. My husband is an over-pepperer and for a long time, I avoided it} This plastic grinder cost less than $7 and its disposable. Then you just go and buy another one.

Sweet Peppers
Now that I'm on peppers, I figured bulk is the way to go. Especially since we make Tofu Stir-Fry twice a week. I actually jumped ahead on this and roasted all of these and kept them in a container in the fridge.

I like Hummus. I like it a lot. My favorite is the Roasted Garlic variety, but this large tub was inexpensive enough and OMGSUCHAGREATDEAL that I couldn't pass it up.

Cinnamon Rolls
I didn't eat one...I ate four. This was a request by Brandon and Grandma was in a yes mood.

Almond Butter
Do you know how expensive Almond Butter is? A lot expensive. I can get a smallish jar for $11 at my natural foods store. A large jar like this is marked at over $25!! At Sam's I found this large {26 oz} jar for $6.50. $6.50!!!  Boo-yah. Pass the bananas.

Any good stuff I'm missing? We always get frozen pizzas and cereal, stock up on vitamins and a gallon of vanilla extract. Okay, I'm exaggerating about the gallon of vanilla, but it's damn big.

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