April 15, 2011

Make These This Weekend: Donut Muffins

It's a donut that looks like a muffin but tastes exactly like a powdered donut. ~Caedon
Donut Muffins
I've seen a lot of recipes for donuts 'round the interwebz. Glazed, chocolate, cake, birthday batter, strawberry, fried, baked...there's a lot out there.

I have three kids who wake up and needbreakfastlikerightnowOMG.
Donut Muffins
{This is where I show you how I make batter that matches my counter.}

I came across these on Rootie Tootie Fresh and Foodie {right now the post that's up is a delicious Strawberry and Buttermilk  Pudding Cake with Mascarpone. I'm in love.} and how could I say no? I could have powdered donuts in 25 minutes. Sign me up.

Donut Muffins

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