March 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up


  • 1 day. Just one. I wasn't very motivated this week....but my jeans prior to Shane fit! Next goal: Jeans prior to Brandon. (That's an Express size 7, Express used to make the best jeans then they changed them somewhere around 2004 and they are soooo not the same. Lucky for me I have a variety of pre-2004 jeans in sizes ranging from 1-7. Yes, they've been hanging in my closet, some for 9 years and they've moved from apartment to apartment to house to apartment to house with me. Don't judge me.)


Memorable TV Watched:

Memorable Eats:

  • I honestly can't say. I made some pretty good enchiladas today.

Going Into Next Week:
  • Stay away from the Easter Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. Those are my absolute favorite. Especially the white chocolate ones. They are more peanut buttery than the regular ones and they are the perfect shape for shoving in my mouth. I don't even like peanut butter. I've avoided them, so I'm going to keep that up.
  • Back off the coffee. That many cups in one day can't be healthy for me. 
  • I'm soda-free for 2 months now. Let's celebrate with an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper. Just kidding. Kind of.
  • Dug has to go to the vet. We need to make sure his shots are current. I don't think we ever got his last round of puppy shots and he needs them to be licensed in town. They are reportedly very strict about animal licenses, fines and mandatory community service. I joke about disowning him if he ever got out and rounded up by animal control,{Oh that dog. I don't know him.} but I would never do that...I think. Just kidding. Kind of. Besides the license fee is $4, the fine is somewhere around $250.
Dug aka Sir Dug-las

How was your week? Memorable reads, tv or eats?

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  1. I read PW's book! It's good, and you find out her husband's name on the book jacket--it's Ladd. I made creme brulee for the first time tonight. Super easy, but it's still setting, so I'm not sure if it will be memorable or not. And I've started watching Brothers & Sisters on Netflix. I hate that I love it. Your pup is beautiful!