March 9, 2011


Yesterday's vet appointment played out exactly how I described it would. Except I didn't anticipate the level of Dug's anxiety. He freaked out in the waiting room and became so agitated he began shedding...and wouldn't stop. He was pretty close to passing out in the exam room.  We calmed him down once he was away from the other animals and it was all good...until they took his temperature.

You know how they check a dogs temperature, right?

Brandon didn't know. So once Dug calmed down, Brandon freaked out. "What are you doing to my dog?!?!?!?! You're checking his temperature in his butt????"

I was very much in need of a margarita by the time we left.

It's Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.
I don't go to church. My husband goes, but I prefer to stay home and deal with whiny kids instead of dealing with whiny kids at church. I fight boredom on my own turf. Plus I make waffles on Sunday's.

Oh yes, my point. I think we're giving up meat for Lent. I've already given up all the other good stuff (soda, chocolate, sugar, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) the only thing left is coffee and meat. I am not giving up my coffee.

Coffee keeps me from sinning. Hand to God it does.

Everyone likes me more after two cups of coffee. Even God.

Caedon got another call for soccer. It's the team that just can't come together. I got a call two weeks ago, then nothing. Then I got another call, then nothing. Brandon started practice, the first games were played over the weekend and I just got the final call that Caedon's team has a coach.

I told Caedon there was still a chance for him to play. His response? "I'm over it."

He'll spend his summer golfing (hitting the links I think they call it...I gotta brush up on my jock lingo)

This post would be better with photos...but my camera is waaaaaaaay over there and I'm waaaaaaaaay over here.

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