March 23, 2011

Photo Drop

I had to make more room on my phone. I came across a few...gems. Also, it's obvious which kid I spend the most time with.
I call this one: "Babies Love Bacon" (4/2010)
Inspired by breakfast at a dive diner that serves the best coffee and biscuits and gravy.

Babies Love Bacon, part dos (4/2010)

Awww...this little fart ran away today. I found him in an alley two streets over and he rolled in a puddle before I lifted his 75lb butt in the car. He's in huuuuuuge trouble. (4/2010)

Babies Love Pasta Salad, Mass Amounts of Pink Lemonade and Run DMC (7/2010)

Babies Love UFC (5/2010)

His Monies. He steals the change from my car and puts it in his piggy bank.
He's a full $4 ahead of the other two. (2/2010)


Yep...I don't know what's more face or the fact that my hair matches
the Awkward Wood Walls perfectly. Hmmmm...

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