March 14, 2011

Mail Bag

I got some very interesting things in the mail this weekend (and today). Soooo...I thought I'd share.

This came in the mail today. Melissa saw that I had posted that I was waiting for my library to have this available and she sent me her copy to read. How sweet and thoughtful is that? I was beyond thrilled to see a package from Melissa and even more excited that she lent me her book. I love Goldie Hawn and remember watching old Laugh In re-runs as a kid. I couldn't even tell you what they were about, but I remember the wall with the doors and they would pop out of the doors with punch-lines. Or when they would dance and the music would stop. Goldie had the cutest hair cut and was sooooo Mod she made Twiggy look...well Twiggy was pretty darn Mod too.

I got a few new catalogs too. I like requesting free catalogs from companies. I don't have a problem. Besides, it keeps the kids busy. Brandon happens to "love the canvas storage bins" from Pottery Barn Teen. Yup, he's definitely my kiddo.
I enjoy all of these quite a bit and for different reasons. The Land of Nod and CB2 are just fun to flip through. To be honest, I'm not quite as gaga for Anthropology as most people seem to be. I mean, I like the aesthetic and I enjoy browsing, but I would never actually pay that much money for any of it. Good thing the catalog is free. :)

This one...this one I looooove. I first got the Toast catalog over a year ago and I look forward to it each season. Again, I would never pay that much for any of it, but I love so much about this.

This is just the House & Home issue. They also offer a Womens and Mens' catalog. This may sound strange, but I've noticed quite a few magazines and catalogs where the pages are starting to feel...thin. Like the paper is really flimsy. Does that make sense?

Toast has a really nice heavy paper and it smells heavenly...if you like the way paper smells. I do. I also think they have some fabulous photography.

Isn't this patio dreamy? I'm now convinced I need a patio space like this in my house. My husband just rolled his eyes...well actually no. That's a lie. It's a lie because I won't bring it up in my huge list of house wants. But if I were to tell him I wanted some English/Spanish patio hybrid with a fireplace, he would roll his eyes. 
I had to press the pages down because the paper is so stiff.
Please ignore my un-manicured fingers. 

I would totally invite every single one of you over for Sunday Brunch. Yes. And when was the last time you saw a photo from this angle that worked well? I think it would make for a cute, unassuming engagement photo. Just a photo where the people in the photo communicate well without looking directly at each other or the camera. 
Oh, there's a kid in the upper corner. That's what they're looking at. Didn't even notice. Whoops.

You could stay in my guest room with a fancy little veranda. I've never used the word "veranda" before, but this photo inspires words I've never used before. Like "full-nights sleep." It feels like it's been forever since I've used those words together. Since November 18, 2008 to be exact...but who's counting?

Back cover credits.

Have you gotten any interesting packages lately? It seems like since we've moved we've been getting more interesting stuff in the mail rather than the run of the mill bills that always pop up (booo! free internet for everyone!!)

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