March 30, 2011

How-To: Aaaaagh-nts!

I was prepared to share my recipe for Tofu stir-fry, but....

So yesterday I was watering the lawn. Or lack of lawn. Basically I was wetting down our dirt and dry weeds so it isn't a fire hazard. Preparation and prevention, people!

There were some tiny little ants. Itty bitty tiny ants in their little line coming from outside the fence. I did what I had to to save my family.

I flooded their ant hole.

I have a soul. It just doesn't hold compassion for crawly, multi-legged critters. I'm not alone, there's a whole aisle dedicated in Wal-Mart for people like me. And I know that now since I'm forced to shop there since my town only has that and two other choices, neither of which can beat Wal-Mart's price on diapers, toilet paper and paper towels. But that's neither here nor there at this time.

So I went about my merry business, watering my dirt and there was another ant hill.

People, these ants are so large they could carry off my dog, children and contents of my fridge...with one arm/leg.
So I flooded their ant hole.

You know what those fuc.. buggers did? They used the plastic trap I had set out as a life flotation device!! They used it as their personal buoy to ride out the flood.

Stupid worthless plastic flower

By the time I finished at soccer practice, they had reconstructed their home...with an additional entrance.
This. Means. War.

My husbands friend told us that he eliminated the ants at his house by mixing sugar and Comet cleaner.
Comet: Lemon Fresh!

I'll let you know how well this works.


  1. for sure let us know if it works. Im gonna try that if it works.