March 2, 2011

Five Things...More or Less

This blog post by David Lebovitz.

I like Design *Sponge and their "Living In" posts. This one of Coco before Chanel is amazing.

My second kiddo. He's been kicking butt and taking names (or is it taking names and kicking butt?)
Thing 2

C Hill. It's a hill with a C on it. People run UP THE HILL and there's nothing life-threatening chasing them. They do it FOR FUN. Madness.
C Hill

Vintage video cameras. I've seen lots of photos of vintage Diana's, Holga's, Bessa's, Polaroids and any other camera out there, but I've never seen a video camera. My dad found this at an auction and gifted it to me. I don't know if it works, but it's clean and the lenses and eye-piece move accordingly. I don't really see myself with this at the soccer field though, ya know? It looks lovely on my shelf.
Video Camera

What are some cool things you have or have seen around the 'ol Internet? 

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