March 29, 2011

Eating, Watching, Reading

Monday-Tofu Stir-fry with yellow and orange peppers, peas and quinoa. I even took photos so I can share it with you later this week. (Gah, I'm so giving. lol)

Tuesday- White Chicken Chili. We're watching Black Swan tonight (my husband doesn't know that, but he's cool with it). See what I did there? White/Black, Chicken/Swan. I should throw a movie themed dinner party. I even took photos of this so I can share it with you. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Wednesday-Black Bean Tacos. With lots of cilantro and guacamole. Word. I will take photos of this so I can share it with you.

Thursday- Karma Sutra Veggie Burgers. My husband bought Tony Horton's (the P90X guy) book and he has a recipe for veggie burgers. I'll take photos to share with you. Have you read the ingredients on the back of a Gardenburger or Boca Burger box? Scary!! Evidently, you can complicate vegan.

Friday- White Bean Spinach Salad. I made this two weeks ago and we had it twice that week and once last week. It's good. Although I will omit the bacon this week since I'm making it on Friday and it's Lent. I might be wrong but I think Jesus is okay with bacon, but I would hate to be wrong about that one. (I don't wilt my spinach as much as the original recipe calls for and we put red pepper flakes for a little heat) Look I took a picture of this one to share with you.

(It's a ghetto-fabulous photo since the light in my kitchen sucks, it was late and I had to use my on-camera flash. FYI-Food hates direct flash. I don't have a fancy flash or a bounce card, so I bounced the flash off my white blackberry. Boom.)

I'm on a mission to watch all the Oscar Nominated movies. I was ahead of the curve since I watch Toy Story 3 at least twice a day. I. Am. Cultured.

We watched 127 Hours last week. That scene around the 124th hour??? Whew! I think James Franco did an excellent job; but you know who I think would have done an even better job? Emile Hirsch. I suppose he doesn't want to get type-cast as a "stranded in nature" type of guy, but I think he would have been amazing. (Plus I think he's cuter than James Franco.)
(I'll take the one on the right. Rawr.)

✩ Black Swan
✩ The Fighter
✩ Inception
✩ The Kids Are All Right
✩ The King’s Speech
✩ 127 Hours
✩ The Social Network
✩ Toy Story 3
✩ True Grit
✩ Winter’s Bone

The ones I've watched are marked off. I'm not really looking forward to Winter's Bone. Like I get that it's all Academy Award Nominated so it should be a good movie, Not my cup of tea. Since most of everything I do is half-butt, I'm okay skipping this one. I will still be able to sleep at night.

We went to the movies this weekend. That alone is a huge announcement. Don't get too excited, we saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.  I am that mom.

Also ***HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT*** United States of Tara is back!!! I do heart me some USoT!! I missed a large chunk of Season 2 (like, almost all of it except for the fist episode) so I have in my hot little (crooked) hands the season 2 DVD. My husbands schedule switched to now I have something to do at night. Other than sleep. I mean, I like sleep A Lot. But sometimes sleep can get in the way of other things, like browsing the Internet and watching tv shows and reading.

I'm almost done with Goldie Hawn's memoir. Wow. I just love her and I think I will have to have a Goldie Movie Marathon. Oooo...that would be fun! It's decided, I'm doing it.

I also ordered Molly Wizenberg's book, A Homemade Life and Matthew Amster-Burton's book, Hungry Monkey. In a future post I will tell you how Barnes and Noble screwed me, but I'm still angry and bitter about it.

I've also been catching up on When Parents Text. I cannot wait until my kids have cell phones. Yes, I just typed that. They will also go to middle school, go to high school, drive, date and eventually go to college. We will pay for laptops, electronics, car insurance, dates, textbooks. But I plan to do everything I can to keep them home with me until they are middle aged and can't even build a proper bunk bed. I think there's a movie about that.

So tell me, what are you eating, watching and reading? Any new must-try recipes, must-watch movies/shows, have-to read books to add to my ever growing list?

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  1. I want a Goldie marathon too! Overboard is one of my favorite movies of all time. "Andrewww! I seem to have lost my ruby earrings somewhere between 64th and 68th street... find them."

    I ate 7 slices of bread total yesterday. I am putting a moratorium on watching stuff because it makes me procrastinate (no Goldie Marathon any time soon). And I'm currently reading an Ireland guide book!