February 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up


  • 3 out of 5 days. The Banana Republic jeans I bought two years ago after Shane was born but never fit? Totally zipped up! Win!!


  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (It has been a slow couple of weeks for reading. I have two that I'm currently reading, Pearl of China and A Lucky Child)

Memorable TV Watched:

  • Death Becomes Her. What is not to love about this movie? I can't wait until Goldie Hawn's autobiography is available at my library.

Memorable Eats:

  • Tofu Stir-fry,
  • Southwestern Egg Rolls from Chili's: We met people out for dinner (we never meet people out for dinner. Ever. Except my parents.) I think it was so memorable because it was the only decent part of the meal and it's been almost 2 months since we've had anything breading/deep-fried.

Going Into Next Week: Since it's already next week...

  • We had an excellent Valentine's Day. Kids got popcorn buckets with some goodies stuffed in them. Best part? NO GLITTER.

Valentine Goodies

  • Soccer started back up. Brandon is on a team that a little...their still working on not using their hands and he's dribbling through the cones and changing directions via step-overs. Caedon just got picked up and we'll see how that goes considering he's not a strong runner...much less walker. (He just has these baby giraffe legs that he's still figuring out)

8.12 094
{One of my favorite photos. I took it and when I look at it, I kinda feel like a bad-ass. Just tooting my own horn.}

  • 30 Days of Lists. Basically it's 30 Days...of Lists. I'm excited about it because it seems like a fun, low-pressure project.


  • 365. I was doing well on my 365 project on Flickr...then I left town for a couple of days prior to Valentine's and got out of the habit. I think I'd like to kick-start it again by showing off a few Carlsbad, NM gems.

Video Camera
{last photo taken for my 365. My dad found a really cool vintage video camera.}

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  1. Death Becomes Her? Awesome, love it. I particularly love when Meryl Streep is calling Bruce Willis "flaaaaacid" in that high nasal voice, it's the best. Also, Melissa has the Goldie Hawn autobiography, I borrowed it from her and LOVED it. I'm sure she'd be happy to send it to you! And, score on the Banana Republic jeans!