February 21, 2011

Home is Where

We moved in November. There was one move, then another, then another. It was a lot of moving, I punctured my knee on the tailgate of the truck, it was gross, I cried, then I remembered I'm married to a paramedic and he fixed me up. And took me out for margaritas.

This last move took it out of me. I've never been so sore and tired after a move.

But we're not done. Not even close.

We dislike our current rental. It, in a word, sucks. MedicDad spent 3 months looking for a decent rental before he found this one. And it was filthy. When I first saw it, I had an overwhelming feeling of desperation. I bleached walls, steam-cleaned floors and threw away so much crap from the previous renter. What kind of real estate agent would even show a home (much less rent it) in the condition we rented it in. Sure she took money off the deposit, but then we got a notice that we owed the money or we were in breach of our rental agreement. For a moment we saw light at the end of the tunnel and joked "Don't tempt us lady." Then we paid it and let her know when we moved out we would submit all the receipts for the repairs and cleaning that we've done. Fist in the air. Fight the good fight.

{The kitchen with its awkward cabinets. Cabinets that open all different directions and 1/3 of which I can't reach. I can deal with dated, I can even find charm in dated. But this is just... All those outlets and only one works. The back splash is faux fake bricks painted baby pink(!) Sometimes the oven hits 375 and no dishwasher.}

The owner is a real DIY kind of guy, and he's oh so very bad at it. I'm pretty handy, if I do say so myself. I also watch a lot of The Vanilla Ice Project. MedicDad's basic rule of thumb on anyone fixing something is "Do a better job than my wife can." I do a pretty kick-ass job. I can't decoupage to save my life, but I can paint and hang kitchen cabinets like nobodies business.

Work Space
{The back living room. It's wood-tastic! It's absolutely lacking log-cabin charm. Behind our behemoth of a television is a wood stove, which our DIY owner put in but didn't put an exhaust out of the house. Medic/Firefighter Dad called foul on that real-quick.}

I actually spent the last weekend re-packing up stuff. I'm so unmotivated to have my nice things out in this house. Coffee mugs, serving bowls, extra cookie sheets and baking pans. Back in boxes. Sometimes it feels like they won't see daylight ever again.
My Working Kitchen
{Back to storage, all of you!}

I'm aware of how petty I sound, complaining about having a roof over my head. Does my shallow pool know no depth? I have curbed the complaints and attempted to grin and bear it. I try to not complain to MedicDad because he looked and looked and this was truly the best he could find. I wasn't much any help at all. Instead I have put all my energy into pinning dream homes. It's hard to not outright drool when we watch The Vanilla Ice Project or It's Complicated (I love Spanish-style homes, white stucco and terracotta tiles. Swoon). We have our eyes on a few prospective homes and I know the process of buying a new home would quicken if I were to return to work (shooting one wedding does not a business make, so um...hire me?) but neither of us want Shane in daycare. So I will bide my time, continue pinning and figure out how to build our dream home for under a few shiny pennies (seriously, with all the things we would want, minus upgrades, it would be a lot. Living room for the kids with access to all three of their rooms and a jack-and-jack-and-jack bathroom would be sooooo worth it but would cost big $$$. One day I'll show off my bad mad architect skillz and show you what I'm talking about)

If money was no object, what would your dream house look like? Spanish-style, southwestern, over sized farm house? Inspire me.


  1. I LOOVED the house in It's Complicated!

  2. All I've ever wanted was a small white cottage, but clean, open, and airy on the inside with natural stone floors and exposed ceiling beams. However, it has to be on a secluded beach, which is why the dream stays a dream...

  3. Seriously I understand this SO MUCH. The place we lived last year was somewhere we rushed into and then realized it was NOT for us. And it's amazing how much that really affects you. My everyday mood has been so much better now that we moved somewhere nicer. Not that it's at all encouraging to you right now, but I definitely feel your pain and you are NOT being petty. I hope it gets better though!

  4. I have many "dream homes". But one of them is an adobe home with a big adobe fence in front, like you see in Mesilla. Actually I would like a home in Mesilla with a few acres of pecan trees! Nothing big or fancy, but it must have a hot tub for those amazing New Mexico summer nights. Oh, and a shower with a bench in it. And a kitchen with an island....
    Nice Post!! I'm loving your blog!